Monday, January 31, 2011

Fresh update to Facebook for Android

Fresh update to Facebook for Android



It’s mark the mobile location feature Places really useful for saving money and scoring a retail deal.

Facebook for Android update (Free)

This 1.5.1 update of Facebook for Android delivers the Deals feature. The deal is ? It’s part of Facebook Places, that’s allows users to view information about retail business near you and actually “check-in” to let the businesses know you are there.

you can scan the businesses close to you by searching within Facebook from this update , and then navigate to a specific store’s page. If the business is currently offering a deal – It like 20 percent off your next purchase – you’ll know see that in this Android app. Most stores require you to “check-in” in order to receive the deal.

Free App of Today (Free)

This Free App of Today helps you find good apps in the Android Market. The Creative Apps’ team handpicks fun or useful apps to highlight and communicates them through this app. The “Hall of Fame” displays the best apps that the team has ever seen.

Yesterday’s Apps shows you the most recent recommendations in case you missed it.

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