Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Price cut heading for PSPGo

Price cut heading for PSPGo: "

Price cut heading for PSPGO



The PSPgo suffered from bad publicity mainly due the early announcement of allowing the gamer to only being able to download content with Sony doing away with the UMD drive altogether.It is priceing At $250 brand-spanking new, the PSPgo wasn’t going to do itself any favours.looks like Sony’s poorly-received will be receiving a price cut of around $50.

At this time nothing has been said as to whether or not the PSPgo in the UK will be receiving such a slashed down price but it does seem inevitable, especially if Sony are really wanting to dish out a few more of these handheld to satisfy and make up for their losses.

Now that it seems the PSPgo will be getting a $50 price cut, is this enough? We don’t think so. In trying to tempt new customers to purchase one of these, offers of free games (10 in fact) have been rife but we think this just wasn’t enough and just didn’t cut it to make the console worthy of our hard-earned cash.


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